TEDAC Torch Control

The Merkle TEDAC® system offers continuous energy control where it counts – directly on the torch itself. Using the slide switch mounted on the top of the TEDAC®torch handle the energy can be manually adjusted duringthe welding process. Using a visually good, multicolourLED indicator any energy modifications will be shown directly on the TEDAC® torch. The colours will change in a stepless sequence from green (the lowest setting) through yellow (low setting) through orange (medium setting) up to red (maximumsetting). The TEDAC® torches are perfect for any work inhard to reach positions due to the fact that the operator can control the welding process from the TEDAC® system and does not need to return to the power source to change settings. Thanks to the standard EURO connector no additional control wires are required.

Precise energy control is realized through the slideswitch mounted on the top of the torch handle before, during and after the welding process. The present conditions are shown through the stepless multi-coloured LED display mounted on the top of the torch handle.

The multi-coloured LED shows the selected energy.

Ergonomically formed handle, torch trigger with a micro switch for guaranteed more than 10 mio. operations.

Standard Euro connector, no further control cables are necessary.