The Merkle HighUP Process

HighUP is the new Merkle process enabling a total elimination of the difficult to use, triangular weave method (TWM) of vertical up welding. Vertical joints generally need to be welded up-hand (3G or 3F) to ensure sufficient penetration, and this has always been the area of the triangular weave experts. Now you can weld like the experts with the aid of HighUP from Merkle.

The Merkle HighUP process combines a hot high current phase (such as PulseARC with 25 %) and a lower current phase (such as MAG with 75 %) and enables a very easy to use, and to control, welding process.

HighUP can be used on most available materials such as low to high alloyed steels or aluminium and its related alloys.

Problems with undercut or flank penetration defects are now a thing of the past thanks to Merkle's HighUP process. Be the first to the top, and that in next to no time!

Merkle HighUP.

Vertical up welding made especially easy!

HighUP leaflet (PDF Download)


  • Up to 100 % faster welding times when compared to the classic triangular weave method.


  • Reduced heat input when compared to the classic triangular weave welding
  • Deeper, safer penetration


  • Perfect vertical up welds, even as a complete beginner
  • Greatly reduced risk of penetration defects


  • The Merkle HighPULSE range of welding machines allow you to use the HighUP function professionally
  • ColdMIG, DeepARC or HighUP, all processes are available together with the HighPULSE range of welding machines

Das HighUP Lichtbogen

Das Verfahrenswechsel-System ProSWITCH von Merkle, ermöglicht es verschiedene Lichtbogenarten im Millisekunden Bereich miteinander zu kombinieren. Schweißverbindungen mit unterschiedlich breitem Spalt, selbst ohne Badsicherung, sind kein Problem mehr. Es kann für eine Vielzahl von Zwangslagen eine Schweißkennlinie erstellt werden.
Durch dieses System ist auch der HighUP Lichtbogen entstanden. Durch die Kombination einer heißen Hochstrom-Phase und einer Phase niedriger Energieeinbringung, sind aufwendige „Tannenbaum-Steignähte“ hinfällig.