Experience High Tech, Quality and design, paired with overwhelming economic advantages. Never was Pulse-Arc welding with Merkle so outstandingly quick. Reduce your man-hour costs in the DeepArc process by 30% or reduce the heat input with the new ColdMIG process for thin metal sheet welding.

Witness a new level of functionality thanks to a brand new operator control panel with extra large function switches and the new chassis design with Protec-edge protection.

The yet again optimized, perfectly controlled welding arc ensures an absolutely spatter free weld bead. Plus the ability to download any updates or new programs also secures your investment decision for the future.

The product line comprises ten devices:

HighPULSE 284 K

HighPULSE 354 K

HighPULSE 354 DW

HighPULSE 454 KW & DW

HighPULSE 554 KW & DW

HighPULSE 352 RS

HighPULSE 452 RS

HighPULSE 552 RS

Modern technology in 3 perfect product lines – Portable, industrial and robotics!

The HighPULSE product line combines unique performance, high speed welding with overwhelming economical advantages and high precision through the Merkle TEDAC® system: the portable allrounders 284/354 K as well as the universal industrial units 354/454/554 DW

Best example for the innovational strength of Merkle is the TEDAC® system which offers continuous energy control and display directly on the welding torch. This makes it convenient for difficult accessible working areas.

Clear advantages of the HighPULSE series are the ease of use, the extensive functions and program variety as well as the continuous energy control at the TEDAC® torch.

HighPULSE – The best out of 50 years Merkle welding technology!

The portable HighPULSE 284/354 K (optional with water cooling unit and trolley).

The industrial line HighPULSE 354/454/554 DW with wheels and separate wire feeder.

Perfect welding technology universal use for automation!

Product lines and specifics

The following processes can be selected:

  • PulseARC welding
  • MIG/MAG welding
  • TIG DC* welding
  • MMA/stick electrode welding
  • Flux cored arc welding
  • Interpulse welding
  • DeepARC
  • HighUP
  • ColdMIG
  • MIG-Löten
  • High performance welding

* as an option

The three product lines:

New multifunctional control panel for maximum comfort

1.    Large LED displays with preview for :

  • welding current
  • welding voltage
  • wire feed speed
  • material thickness

2.    Automatic hold function
     (saves the last displayed welding parameters)
3.    Setting of the arc length
4.    Setting of the energy

5.    Selection of operating modes:

  •  2-stroke operation
  •  4-stroke operation with down slope
  • 4-stroke operation with start current


6.    Selection of energy setting:

  •  Continuously at the front panel
  •  Continuously at the wire feeder
  •  Continuously at the TEDAC® torch
  •  Job mode available on TEDAC® torch or rotary switch

7.    Selection of welding processes:

  • PulseARC
  • Interpuls welding
  • MMA/stick electrode welding
  • Option: TIG DC

8.    Rotary switch for program selection and programming of the multi-functional display
9.    Wire inching
10.   Gas test
(with automatic switch-off)

Merkle HighPULSE 354/454/554 DW. The powerful industrial series!

Ease of operation

Simple self-explaining controls with extra big sized functional knobs enable an easy operation.

  • Easy to use, even with gloves.
  • Big bright LED displays for welding current, voltage and wire feed speed.
  • Universal multifunctional display for program selection (different languages selectable).
  • Various application fields in all areas like metal working industry, workshops, automotive industry, shipyards, etc.
  • With the practical suspension device (optional) the mounting of the wire feeder unit at a swivel arm (see our automation components catalogue) can easily take place. The action scope can considerably be enhanced.

Two versions, one display – and remote control

Version 1:

All control buttons of the welding unit are integrated in the power source and can be operated directly at the front.

Version 2:

The complete operation panel is integrated in the separate wire feeder.

External remote control MFR 20 and MRC 50

Control your welding unit where you work.

PERFECT wire feeding - fast wire Exchange!

1.    Precise 4-roller gear with 4 motorized wire feed rollers.
       Wire feed speed 0.5 – 25 m/min (model DV-26)
       or high performance drive 0.5- 30 m/min (model DV-31). 
2.    Big wire feed rings allow a constant wire feed speed at
       a low pressure. 2 grooves for 2 different wire diameters.
3.    Change of the wire feed rings without any tools.  
4.    Easy wire insertion due to superb accessibility and
       snap lock mechanism. 
5.    Dust-tight drive motor guarantees a constant
       wire feed speed.

6.    Euro torch connector as a standard, directly mounted
       without need for alignment.
7.    Pressure adjustment of both rollers.
8.    Wire straightening device for perfect and constant
       wire feeding (DV-31).
9.    Cut away side panels facilitate easy insertion of
       the wire spool.
10.   Insulated interior, gas and water hoses and all cables
       are well protected from environmental damage due to
       a unique closed case design.
11.   2 x 4 rubber feet ensure operation in both, vertical
       and horizontal position.

External wire feeder – portable, rotatable, rollable, dual = maximum flexibility

Asymmetrical swiveling axis

at the rear allows a wide working area.

Vertical mounting of the wire feeder

can be achieved within seconds.

Mobile with stable wheels

attachable on swiveling axis with wheels.

Double wire feeder DV-32 TWIN

Two different wires should be welded with the same machine? The annoying changing of the wire and the torch is no longer required with the double wire feeder DV-32 TWIN. Two different programs can be selected, the machine switches automatically to the selected torch by pressing the torch trigger. As an option the operation panel can be integrated in the wire feeder. A wheeled version is also available.

The compact HighPULSE units 284 and 354 K with water cooling unit and trolley as an option

Compact and portable

HighPULSE power to go.

Portable with water cooling unit

As an option a water cooling unit can be installed.

For the most flexible use

Mountable to a trolley with gas bottle holder and optional drawer for accessories.

Merkle HighPULSE 284/354 K. - Universal in use!

The unit is manufactured to operate in metal fabrication companies, workshops, installation companies, on site and in automobile production and repair. It is lightweight and portable at a weight of only 33/36 kg. It can be used even in difficult working areas. With a suspension device the complete machine can be mounted to a swivel arm (option). All control functions are easy accessible direct at the working place, only the main supply cable has to be connected.

HighPULSE 454 and 554 KW for the use in the work shop or industrial use.

Mobile with integrated water cooling

Perfect for high power and long lasting duty cicles.

Drive motor directly mounted at the torch connector

Compact and accessible wire feeder.

Robust transport handles

Easier handling and better transport safety.

MERKLE HighPULSE 454/554 KW - with wire feeder integrated at the side!

Compact and clear structure.

By developing the welding units Merkle HighPulse 454/554 KW special importance was placed on a compact and clear design. This becomes apparent due to the arrangement of the wire feeder. The entire 4-roller wire feed system DV-26 and the wire coil are integrated on the side and very easily accessible through the top-opening housing flap.

HighPULSE technology for customized use

Slim design: HighPULSE 353 K

With suspension device – perfect for use on production lines with limited work space.

Welding unit for ship building

Modified for customer needs.

Versatile accessories

From suspension devices to special trolleys.

Merkle power sources - perfect technology for automated welding processes!

With the power sources of the HighPULSE RS series Merkle offers a perfectly tuned product range for all requirements needed for the automation of welding processes.

The HighPULSE series is consisting of synergic PulseARC power sources espacially engineered for the use at robotic systems or SPS-control. It is based on a modern 100 kHz inverter power modules and a high speed 32-bit processor.

HighPULSE RS - power sources:



HighPULSE 352 RS

20 - 350 A, 60 %

HighPULSE 452 RS

20 - 450 A, 50 %

HighPULSE 552 RS

20 - 550 A, 40 %

Productivity easily improved!

Merkle Weld Factory®

Merkle Weld Factory® is the newest development from the company own software architects and shows that Merkle is keeping up with the pace of times. Communication between man and machine will be just as important in the future as the communication between the machines among themselves. Almost on a daily bases there are innovations in the field of Industry 4.0. That is why the Merkle Weld Factory® will never be just a product "out of the box", but will always be adapted to the latest developments and your requirements.

We're looking forward to introduce our solution for a huge production increase to yout company!

More precise results, faster production and verifiable quality = extensive cost reduction.

The perfect connection - Merkle HighPULSE with Merkle welding torches


Perfect control through Merkle TEDAC® welding torches.

Push-Pull torches

Significant extension of the range of action and indispensable for aluminum wires also optional with TEDAC® control. 

Functions in TIG operation

Perfect ignition with LiftTIG and continuous settings for downslope as well as gas pre- / gas post-flow time

TEDAC DIGITAL® - the digital innovation

The standard Merkle TEDAC® system is working for many years in a huge number of welding machines. For the first time the energy could be controlled and displayed directly at the welding torch via a multi-colored LED - without the need for an additional control cable.

Merkle is now entering a new level of innovation with the new system TEDAC® DIGITAL in terms of efficiency and ease-of-use. 

The energy control is carried out directly at the welding torch, the display is brand new with alphanumeric data shown in a well readable digital display on top of the torch.

These are the benefits for the user:

  •     HIGHER PRECISION due to numeric display of the welding current
  •     CLEARLY MORE EFFICIENCY due to energy control directly at the welding torch
  •     EXTREMELY MORE COMFORT thanks to an easily readable alphanumeric display
  •     MEASURABLE TIME SAVING due to ideal handling and control

With Merkle WPS/WPQR packages to EN 1090 certified results

Job packages for HighPULSE and SpeedMIG!

As one of the leading manufacturers of welding equipment, Merkle offers its customers complete WPS / WPQR packages, which all contain the respective WPQR certificates and also the required welding instructions for standard welding processes. As a welding specialist you can use these already certified welding instructions to create your own welding instructions for the welding tasks required during operation.

Ready programmed work jobs can be stored with the certified parameters inside the continuously controlled welding units of the series HighPULSE and SpeedMIG. Therefore the parameters from the WPS / WPQR manual do not need to be entered separately and are immediately available to the user upon purchase of the WPS / WPQR package.

User benefits with Merkle PulseARC technology:

  • Extremely spatter free welding due to the non short-circuit characteristics, one drop transfer:
        - tremendous time saving due to reduction of working hours for cleaning
        - high deposition rate
        - longer life of torch consumables
        - less down time due to cleaner consumables
  • Safe, spatter reduced ignition due to a new ignition process controlled by 13 parameters:
        - 2 independent ignition pulses
        - precise soft start of the wire
       - slag droplet is removed from the wire end at the end of each weld to ensure a safe re-ignition
  • Optimal processing of aluminium and aluminium alloys and stainless steel.
  • Optimized welding programs for:
         - different materials
         - different wire diameters
         - different protective gases
  • Multiple variations of pulse parameters:
        - Manipulation of the arc characteristics and the penetration.
  • Alloy elements are maintained due to adaption of the pulse parameters when using high alloyed wire.

Merkle HighPULSE 284/354 K. Water cooling unit and trolley!

Water cooling unit WK 300

The water cooling unit WK 300 can be used as an option. The mounting and dismounting is done in a few seconds. One pluggable electrical connection is placed on the rearof the unit.

Different applications are possible, for example: welding with a water cooled torch in the workshop or using a gascooled torch on site.

Trolley TW 110

The trolley TW 110 is designed for easy transportation of the welding unit in the workshop or on site:

  • Extra large wheels.
  • Gas bottle holder for a 10 or 20 l cylinder.
  • Lowered galvanized gas bottle holder.
  • 2 supports for torch and cables.