Merkle power sources - perfect technology for automated welding processes!

With the power sources of the HighPULSE RS series Merkle offers a perfectly tuned product range for all requirements needed for the automation of welding processes.

The HighPULSE series is consisting of synergic PulseARC power sources espacially engineered for the use at robotic systems or SPS-control. It is based on a modern 100 kHz inverter power modules and a high speed 32-bit processor.

HighPULSE RS - power sources:


welding current

HighPULSE 352 RS

20 - 350 A, 60 %

HighPULSE 452 RS

20 - 450 A, 50 %

HighPULSE 552 RS

20 - 550 A, 40 %

Welding processes and Interface variants

The power sources are predestined for the following welding processes:

  • Synergic Pulse
  • MIG brazing
  • High performance welding (HighPULSE 550 RS)              
  • DeepARC
  • ColdMIG
  • Interpulse

Interface options: Various versions for control of the power power sources are available:

- Bus interfaces:

  • DeviceNet
  • CANopen
  • Profi bus
  • Interbus
  • Profi Net
  • Ethernet
  • other bus interfaces on request

- Analog interface
- Digital job operation

Productivity easily improved

Merkle Weld Factory®

Merkle Weld Factory is an Industry 4.0 conform software solution for increasing production through cloud based process control and quality assurance of welding processes.

Merkle Weld Factory is suitable for manual welding processes, automated welding and robotic solutions of one or any number of units.

We would be happy to introduce you to our solution for increasing production in your company!

More precise results, faster production and verifiable quality = extensive cost reduction.

With Merkle Weld Factory at your side!