MobiARC: Compact. Efficient. Portable!

The welding units are based on a safe and state-of-the-art inverter technology. They offer outstanding welding characteristics and a low weight. The units are designed to operate in workshops, installation companies, on site, etc.

  • Inverter power sources: small, light, portable – perfect for on-site-work.
  • Continuous adjustment of the welding current.
  • Digital display for all parameters. *
  • Socket for remote control. *
  • Polarity change at the remote control with MobiARC 282 cel± and E 420 DC (option).
  • For vertical-down weld and welding of cellulose electrodes. *
  • Arc force: Increasing of the welding current in
    order to avoid adherence of the electrode. *
  • Hotstart function: Increasing of the start current to assure a safe ignition. The hotstart current and time are adjustable. *
  • Anti Stick function: In case of adherence of the electrode,
    the current is switched off immediately. Re-ignition after separation is only possible with a short delay. *
  • TIG welding with LiftTIG ignition.
  • S-symbol: approved for welding in confined areas.

*not with MobiARC 160

Merkle hand remote control

The Merkle hand remote control has been developed to achieve an optimum adjustment of the welding current when the machine is positioned far from the working area.

  • Solid, robust housing.
  • Dust and water proof.
  • Big knop, easy to use even with welding gloves.
  • Magnet holder on rear side for easy positioning of the remote control.
  • Switch for polarity change (MobiARC 282 cel +).


The times of having to consider which machine to connect to which plug socket are now over! The new BiPowerPLUS option available for our MobiARC 282 cel opens new areas of flexibility for welding. In the workshop with 400 V three phase, or on the job site with 230 V, you are prepared wherever you find yourself. The new BipowerPLUS makes it possible!

The benefits:

  • Practical adapter offers the best flexibility
  • Connection with 230 V single phase or 400 V three phase

Merkle MobiARC 160 - Full power up to 160 A welding current!

The new Merkle MobiARC 160 has been designed and built on inverter based technology; this guarantees the best requirements for optimum welding parameters.

Whether for welding work with a customer, in the service industry or in your own workshop: MobiARC 160 always offers you full welding power up to 160 A using the standard single phase supply of 230 V. Fine details such as the Protec rubber edge protection, the large 50 mm² professional connectors or the optimal handling thanks to the carry/shoulder strap, this machine offers a professional configuration in a compact format!

Continuous control:

Continuous control of the welding current up to160 A.

Protec edge protection:

Extra protection through the rubber edge protection system.

Professional connection sockets:

Large professional sockets for the employment of Merkle standard accessories

Optimal handling:

Maximum mobility thanks to the carry/shoulder strap provided.

Functionality and easy operation

  • Professional power in a compact format: ideal for all quick welding jobs.
  • Modern inverter technology ensures optimal welding parameters every time.
  • Continuous welding current adjustement.
  • Small, light, handy and portable, the weight is only 5.8 kg.
  • The Merkle quality seal of approval at an amazingly low price.
  • Made in Germany.

Functionality and easy operation

  • With integrated storage system.
  • A lot of space for the welding accessories.
  • Professional power in a compact format. Perfect for the quick welding job.
  • Robust and easy to handle.
  • Inverter technology for perfect welding performance.
  • Continuous setting of the current.
  • Made in Germany.

Technical Data

  • Netzspannung:
  • Dauerstrom:
  • Dauerleistung:
  • Leerlaufspannung:
  • Arbeitsspannung:
  • Schweißstrom:
  • HSB 25 % ED:
  • HSB 35 % ED:
  • HSB 40 % ED:
  • HSB 50 % ED:
  • HSB 60 % ED:
  • DB 100 % ED:
  • Stabelektroden:
  • Schutzart:
  • Norm:
  • Einstellungen:
  • Anzeige:
  • Verfahren:
  • Stromeinstellung:
  • Polaritätsumschaltung:
  • Steckdose:
  • Gewicht:
  • Gewicht mobil:
  • Maße L x B x H:
  • Maße mobil L x B x H:
Further technical details