LiteARC 160 and 180 - MobiARC 164 mobil

Small, light, high performance!

The new Merkle LiteARC 180 has been designed and built on latest inverter technology; this guarantees the best requirements for optimum welding performance.

Whether for welding work with a customer, in the service industry or in your own workshop: The LiteARC 180 always offers you sufficient welding power up to 180 A using the standard single phase supply of 230 V. 
Fine details such as the plastic/metal casing, the large 50 mm² professional sockets or the optimal handling thanks to the carry/shoulder strap and the 5 m long mains cable, this machine offers a professional configuration in a compact format.

Details of the LiteARC 180

Digital display for welding current

Continuous adjustment of the welding current up to 170 A (MMA/electrode), resp. 180 A (TIG) with digital display.

LiftTIG ignition

TIG welding up to 180 A with LiftTIG ignition.

Stable, robust and shock resistant

The all new plastic/metal casing.

Optimal Handling

Maximum mobility thanks to the carry/shoulder strap provided. Small, light, handy, portable, only 5.0 kg.

Professional connection sockets

Large professional sockets for the employment of Merkle standard accessories.

Far-reaching operation

Extra long mains cable with 5 m length.

Fast, secure and perfect welding

Hotstart function: Increasing of the start current to assure a safe ignition. The hotstart current and time are adjustable.
Arcforce: Increasing of the welding current in order to avoid adherence of the electrode.
Antistick: In case of adherence of the electrode, the current is switched off immediately. Re-ignition after separation is only possible with a short delay.

All in one case (optional):

  • Stable, robust plastic case
  • A lot of space for welding accessories
  • Waterproof and shock resistant
  • Easy to handle
  • Low net weight

Technical Data