SpeedMIG touch - The touch of future

It is the combination of:

  • Intuitive, language-independent operating concept
  • All inclusive package with all common welding programs
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Intuitive, language-independent operating concept

Available as compact welding unit with easy accessible wire feeder and integrated water cooling system.

As DW version with external wire feeding unit.

The energy can be adjusted during the welding process at the TEDAC torch.

The new SpeedMIG touch comes with the welding programs for all common materials and Merkle special welding processes as a standard.

DeepARC included. Faster welding with deep penetration and almost no spatter adherence.

ColdMIG included! Perfect for the welding of thin materials and high gap bridging capacity.

HighUP included! Vertical-up welding made easy!

Excellent price-performance ratio

As an option, the new SpeedMIG touch can be ordered with a transparent panel cover. Lockable for more security and protection.

A socket for MMA/stick electrode welding with electrodes up to 6 mm is installed. Hotstart, Arcforce and Antistick are coming as a standard.

The integrated water cooling module is mounted service-friendly in a drawer and is operated by a powerful water pump.

PARAMETER DIVERSITY - A matter of setting

A multitude of additional parameters can be selected in the settings menu and adjusted as required.

Choke inductance, wire burn-back, gas post-flow and gas pre-flow time as well as start current, final current and downslope time are adjustable.

Perfect wire feeding with fast wire exchange: The Merkle wire feeder

Mobile version with 4 wheels.

Fold-out carrying handle, 2 x 4 rubber feet on the lower and long side.

Optional suspension device, electrically isolated.

Asymmetrical swiveling axis at the rear allows a wide working area.

Standard horizontal mounting.

Vertical mounting of the wire feeder can be achieved within seconds.

Technical data