The series OptiMIG 351/451/551 consists of step controlled MIG/MAG welding units from 350 to 560 A welding current.

The product line comprises three devices:

OptiMIG 351 KW or DW

OptiMIG 451 KW or DW

OptiMIG 551 DW

Functionality and ease of operation

  • Simple, self explanatory control panel with extra large function knobs.
  • Precise setting of the welding current due to max. 42 steps.
  • Synergic wire feed automatic as a standard: only turn the step selector to the required position and the wire feed speed will be adapted automatically.
  • Setting and display of the wire trim by means of the TEDAC® torch.
  • Storage of changed values: in each step the individual value trimmed by the TEDAC® torch is stored.
  • Ignition and continuous setting of the wire burn back.
  • Selector: 2-stroke/4-stroke/stitch/spot welding.
  • Safety cut-off in 4-stroke operation.
  • High speed wire insertion automatic.
  • 4-roller drive wire feeder as a standard.
  • Automatic switching of the fan.
  • 2-stage choke mounted for reduced spatters.
  • Digital read-out of the welding current, welding voltage, wire feed speed and material thickness, with pre-display and HOLD function.
  • Integrated water cooling system with efficient water pump.
  • Lowered galvanized gas bottle holder (10 l, 20 l or 50 l cylinders) assures a safe positionning of the cylinders.
  • Approved for operation in confined areas, S-symbol.
  • Easy handling of the unit due to big and robust swivel and carrier wheels.
  • Connection for push pull torch or remote control in version DW (option).
  • Precise 4-roller drive gear with 4 motorized wire feeder rollers. Wire feed speed 0.5-25 m/min (model DV-26) or high performance drive 0.5-30 m/min (model DV-31).
  • Big wire feeder rings allow a constant wire feed speed at a low pressure. 2 grooves respectively for 2 different wire diameters.
  • Change of the wire feeder rings without any tools.
  • Easy wire insertion due to superb accessibility and snap lock mechanism.
  • Dust-tight drive motor guarantees a constant wire feed speed.
  • Euro torch connector as a standard.
  • Reproducable pressure adjustement of the rollers.
  • Wire staightening device for perfect and constant wire feeding (model DV-31).
  • Cut away side panels facilitate easy insertion of the wire.
  • Gas hoses, water hoses and all cables are protected from environmental damage due to a unique close case design.
  • Consumables and spare part identifi cation chart attached.
  • 2 x 4 rubber feet ensure operation in both the vertical and the horizontal position.

Simply to mount, versatile in action.

Horizontal assembly of the wire feeder.

Vertical mounting of the wire feeder can be achieved in seconds.


Interchangeable electronics:

The complete electronic modul for the adjustement of the welding functions is mounted in a drawer configuration at the front panel. An easy and quick exchange of this item is possible at any time due to plug-in connections on the rear of the module.

Dust protection filter

We recommend the use of the optional filter especially at dusty working areas. The filter frame is easy to fit to the machine. It takes only seconds to exchange the filter. The system is available for all units.

Compact Units

The compact units (version KW) are well arranged and space saving. The 4-roller drive system and the wire spool are mounted behind the side panel. Thus an easy accessibility of the wire feeding system is achieved for a quick change of the wire spool.

Units with separate wire feeder

All units version DW are built with a separate wire feeder. The connection cable is clampable and pluggable at the machine and at the wire feeder. A maximum lenght of up to 30 m is available. The wire feeder can be mounted on a rotary device, in vertical or horizontal position or on wheels.

Technical Data