The MobiMIG series from Merkle offers the best performance available, whether on site, at your customers or in the workshop.Thanks to the compact dimensions and light weight, the MobiMIG is the perfect partner for flexible, transportable welding on the go. Merkle MobiMIG:

Welding for the present and the future!

The product line comprises four devices:

MobiMIG 180 K

MobiMIG 280 K

BiPowerPLUS as an option

MobiMIG 321 K

Functionality and ease of operation

  • MIG/MAG welding
  • TIG welding (DC)*
  • MMA/stick electrode welding
  • Flux core welding with self protecting
  • inner shield wires*
  • MIG brazing
  • ColdMIG process (option)

*only MobiMIG 180/280 K

4-roller-precision-flange gearbox DV-26

Regardless of the small compact construction, the MobiMIG 280/321 K come equipped with our precision driven 4-roller-flange gearbox DV 26 as standard. The drive rollers are equipped with twin grooves for differing wire diameters, and can be swapped to suit without the need for tools. The generous access to the feed unit makes changing wire a child’s play. Due to the EURO connector being flanged directly onto the wire feed unit, a perfect running of the welding wire is always guaranteed.


Continuous energy control

The Merkle TEDAC® system offers a stepless remote adjustment and display of the welding energy directly at the welding torch, and this without the extra burden of signal cables or connecting sockets. Using the installed slide switch, push up for more current and down for less. A multi-coloured LED above the switch gives a visual indication of the current setting.

Clear text display

The MobiMIG series machines are all equipped with a synergic function and 1-button-control (synergicmode). The clear text display gives information about current, voltage, wire feed speed and the intended material and throat thickness. Jobs containing a wide range of materials and wire thicknesses are pre-programmed into the machines.

5 kg or 15 kg wire spools

The MobiMIG 180 and 280 K are designed for use with the smaller D 200 (5 kg) wire spools. This keeps the construction dimensions to a minimum and is a major contributing factor to the light weight of these machines. The MobiMIG 321 K has more internal space available and is designed to use standard D 300 (15 kg) as well as D 200 (5 kg) wire spools.

Water cooling

The MobiMIG 321 K can also be equipped with our WK 300 water cooling unit. The installation is very simple with only a couple of connections needing to be made .Power supply to the cooling unit is from the rear of the power source. Flexibility is guaranteed. Welding with maximum power and a water cooled torch in the workshop/production, or with a gas cooled torch on the construction site.