TEDAC DIGITAL® - the digital innovation

The standard Merkle TEDAC® system is working for many years in a huge number of welding machines. For the first time the energy could be controlled and displayed directly at the welding torch via a multi-colored LED - without the need for an additional control cable.

Merkle is now entering a new level of innovation with the new system TEDAC® DIGITAL in terms of efficiency and ease-of-use.

The energy control is carried out directly at the welding torch, the display is brand new with alphanumeric data shown in a well readable digital display on top of the torch.

These are the benefits for the user:

  •     HIGHER PRECISION due to numeric display of the welding current
  •     CLEARLY MORE EFFICIENCY due to energy control directly at the welding torch
  •     EXTREMELY MORE COMFORT thanks to an easily readable alphanumeric display
  •     MEASURABLE TIME SAVING due to ideal handling and control

Perfect connection

Display in alphanumeric data