Merkle Weld Factory® – The Industry 4.0 solution

Merkle Weld Factory® – The Industry 4.0 solution

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Merkle Weld Factory® is an Industry 4.0 conform software solution for increasing production through cloud based process control and quality assurance of welding processes. 

Merkle Weld Factory® is suitable for manual welding processes, automated welding and robotic solutions of one or any number of units.

With Merkle Weld Factory® at your side!

These are the advantages of Merkle Weld Factory:

  • Suitable for manual, automated and robotic controlled welding processes
  • Communication with various devices via Internet of Things Protocol (IoT)
  • OPC UA conform machine communication (M2M)
  • Cloud based software architecture with Merkle Q.MACS Gateway
  • Any number of welding systems and devices to be controlled from any number of workstations
  • Connection of additional peripherals possible in the network (z.B. barcode reader, component counter, input terminals)
  • Creation, execution and control of automated production workflows
  • Intuitive control with a graphical touchscreen user interface
  • Real time process control of welding processes
  • Detailed analysis and reports

Development and programming

Merkle Weld Factory® is the newest development from the company own software architects and shows that Merkle is keeping up with the pace of times. Communication between man and machine will be just as important in the future as the communication between the machines among themselves. Almost on a daily bases there are innovations in the field of Industry 4.0. That is why the Merkle Weld Factory® will never be just a product "out of the box", but will always be adapted to the latest developments and your requirements.

We're looking forward to introduce our solution for a huge production increase to your company!

More precise results, faster production and verifiable quality = extensive cost reduction.