KUKA robotic welding cell with turntable and MERKLE robotic welding technology

Price ex-works Koetz/Germany: 24,000.00 EUR plus VAT.

Standard delivery includes:
KUKA industrial robot, type KR 6/2
Robot specific accessories
Torch cleaning station
Complete welding booth
Service package
2-position turntable with locking mechanism, manually

Basic dimensions of the booth: L 3300 mm x W 2400 mm x H 2155 mm

Merkle welding technology
Robot PulseARC welding unit: HighPULSE 450 RS
External operating panel for manual program and process selection, incl. displays for
HighPULSE series with 5 m cable
Water-cooling unit type WK 325
Robot wire feeder ROB DV-31 with tacho motor, wire straightener, gas test button and blow-out-device
Torch body ROB 505 W, 45°
Interconnection hose package 1.2 m

1.    1 pc. KUKA industrial robot, type KR 6/2

Six-axis industrial robot in compact, space-saving design
Servo drives for 6 axis
measurement of absolute position
Brakes fitted on all axis for the specified load capacity and moments of inertia of 6 kg

KUKA – robot control system KR C1
Control cabinet
Dimensions (WxHxD) 650 mm x 940 mm x 500 mm
stackable, can be run in series, modular expansion system
Supply voltage 380 V, three-phase, 50 Hz (corresponding to 400 V, three-phase, 50Hz in line with standard IEC 38)

Windows-based computer with floating suspended hard drive
K-IRL programming language enables amongst other things a flexible program structure
Freely-selectable program/variable names, etc.

Safety functions
true-to-path emergency stop
operating mode switch
confirmation switch on the manual control unit
twin-channel emergency stop

Documentation on CD-ROM media
Safety instructions
Installation and setting up
Programming, maintenance and servicing
Circuit diagrams

2.     1 pc. KUKA robot accessories

Manual programming unit
Frame fastening set for KR 6/2
Software package for “Arc Tec 10” inert gas welding

3.     1 pc. KUKA welding equipment

Installation boom for hose package fitting
Off-switch fuse between robot flange and wire feed (collision protection)
Torch cleaning unit
Electric motor with annular milling cutter
Stand for torch cleaning
Pneumatic use of spray unit
Various connecting cables
Interface for compressed air, gas and 400 V mains power

4.     1 pc. manual 2-position turntable

Accepts two component clamping devices or similar, to position parts in the industrial robot’s working area with a nominal load capacity up to max. 250 kg on each side.
The basic position of the turntable is locked pneumatically, which allows the table to be fixed precisely.

5.    1 pc. welding booth

The whole booth has a sturdy welded construction.
The components (robot, control system, power source, torch cleaning, turntable) are secured to the basic frame of the welding booth, which means that no costly installations are required in your factory and a quick start to production is ensured. The welding cell can be easily transported if the layout of the workshop needs to be changed and only basic re-programming of components will be required. The basic frame has specific openings in the side for the transport with a fork-lift. The booth is built using sheet metal sidings and maintenance doors secured by a limit stop switch.

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