The fully automated cutting and welding of longitudinal seams in many industries today is a prerequisite for efficient production processes. However, often work pieces are processed in locations where stationary welding and cutting technology is not feasible, and the investment in fully automated systems is unrealistic due to lack of production numbers and therefore slow investment return times.

Merkle has addressed this industry deficiency with the mobile welding and cutting carriage WCM, allowing the efficient automatic processing of long H-profi le beams, plates, longitudinal seams or overlaps.


The mobile WCM is, due to the comparatively low investmentcosts, ideally suited for small series production, and thanks to its compact dimensions perfectly suitable for components upwards of 1 m in length.

The flexible and robust carriage is used for MIG/MAG and TIG and is also ideal for cutting work, such as plasma oroxy-acetylene. The Merkle WCM can be equipped with the appropriate torches, depending on the type of welding or cutting jobs being performed.


The carriage is equipped with 4 magnetic wheels and 2 lateral guide rollers. This ensures that it remains exactly in the predetermined track. The speed is infinitely adjustable. Due to the motor being equipped with a tacho generator, constant speed is ensured even under changing loads. The robust aluminium housing is machined from billet and highly durable for rough use on site or in workshops.

Maximum flexibility is provided by coarse and fine adjustments in the torch mount x- and y-axis. The torch position is laterally and vertically adjustable and tilt-able to always ensure an optimal welding position.

Technical details:


42 V/AC, 50/60 Hz

Permanent/maximum current:

1,0 A/5,9 A





Travel speed:

15-800 cm/min, stepless regulation


start, stop, emergency stop

Weight, dimensions L x W x H:

18.9 kg, approx. 610 x 280 x 325 mm

Drive torque:

50 N

Torch positioning:

vertical: 40 mm | horizontal: 120 mm

Drive system:

heat resistant rollers (quad drive)
with magnetic attracting system

Plug (10 pin):

for voltage supply and the signals
for welding on, arc OK, emergency stop

Product advantages:

  • Robust aluminium chassis, milled from solid billet
  • Chassis with 4 magnetic heat resistant wheels and 2 lateral guiding rollers
  • Precise control over tacho generator
  • Stepless speed adjusment: 15–800 cm/min
  • Maximum flexibility due to numerous adjustment options in all operating axis
  • Perfect for components starting from 1 m in length

Mobile operation with push-pull torch:

For mobile operation with push-pull torches, hose packagesof up to 12 m, and thus longitudinal seams of over 20 m inlength are possible.

Energy supply from stationary power source:

The welding wire feeder system is carried on a pivoted supportbeam, and enables the welding or cutting of longitudinal seamsup to 6 m in length.

Perfect technology down to the smallest detail!

The new WCM mobile welding and cutting carriage fromMerkle impresses with its sophisticated design, constructionand functional details enabling an optimum handling inall welding and cutting operations.

In all industries where extended components with longitudinalseams of more than 1 m have to be welded or cut, thenew WCM from Merkle offers a real alternative solution tothe mobile automation of these processes.

Areas of application:

  • Container and silo construction
  • General and heavy steel construction
  • Vehicle construction
  • Ship building
  • Plate construction
    Solid aluminium housing, milled from solid billet.
    Welding and cutting in the forward and reverse directions is possible.
    Chassis with 4 magnetic wheels, for perfectly straight tracking.
    Two lateral guide rollers for optimum positioning.
    Precise speed adjustment via multi-ratio potentiometer.
    Constant drive speed accuracy through tacho generator controlled motor.
    Mounting possibility for various torches and heads
    Maximum fl exibility with numerous adjustment options on the torch holder.