User advantages with Merkle PulseARC:

  • Extremely spatter free welding due to the non
    short-circuit characteristics, one drop transfer:
    - tremendous time saving due to reduction of working hours for cleaning
    - high output of wire melting
    - longer life of torch consumables
    - less down time due to cleaner consumables
  • Optimal processing of aluminium and aluminium alloys and stainless steel.
    144 stored welding programs for
    - different materials
    - different wire diameters
    - different shield gases
  • Safe, spatter reduced ignition due to a new ignition process controlled by 13 parameters:
    - 2 independent ignition pulses
    - precise soft start of the wire
    - slag droplet is removed from the wire end at the end of each weld to ensure a safe re-ignition.
  • Multiple variations of pulse parameters:
    - Manipulation of the arc characteristics and the penetration.
  • Alloy elements are maintained due to adaption of the pulse parameters when using high alloyed wire.

PulseARC welding programs:

Structure of the pulse welding programs: Welding process control with 35 free programmable parameters. Perfect ignition due to 13 variable parameters within the ignition process. 144 different pulse forms programmable. Generation of different forms of welding characteristic curves and parameters are possible.

Comparison between MAG and PulseARC:

Spatter emission in relation to the welding current inpercent. The drawing shows the outstanding results infavour of PulseARC welding compared to traditional MIG/MAG welding using CO2 or mixed gas as shield gas.