Interpulse process. Perfect welding quality!

With this process we enter a new dimension in welding aluminium and stainless steel. A second pulse process is added to the base pulse. All our synergic pulse welding units can be equipped with Interpulse technology as an option.

The advantages of the Interpulse process:

  • Scaled weld and welding quality similar to TIG welding process.
  • Welding speed as high as in MIG welding.
  • Exact manipulation of the scaled weld.
  • Reduced heating up of the material.
  • Reduced distortion of the work piece.
  • Easy adjustment by only one potentiometer (different pulse parameters are adapted automatically).

Current program (special 4-stroke):

The current program function allows the activation of a higher start current (adjustable). Especially designed for aluminum welding giving a higher performance and more heat during the initial arc ignition period. The down slope time and the final current (crater filler) are also adjustable. In the high performance welding mode the start current is set to a lower value to achieve a softer start.