Buy a MobiTIG - get a Flex angle grinder for free!*

Buy one of our promoted welding units and get one Flex angle grinder for free!*

For all orders of a MobiTIG 190 DC, MobiTIG 180 AC/DC or MobiTIG 284 DC from 07/03/17 until 08/31/17 you will receive an angle grinder from Flex for free*!

*For all orders of a MobiTIG 190 DC,180 AC/DC or 284 DC at participating Merkle distributors.


Download the leaflet of the promotion here:fileadmin/secure_downloads/prospekte_leaflets/deutsch/aktionsflyer/Aktionen2017/Merkle_Sommer_2017_Flex_EN_mail.pdf

Merkle promotion - Flex angle grinder for free





*Offer available from July 3rd to August 31st, 2017 only at your participating Merkle distributor. Not applicable in combination with other special offers or special prices.

Merkle MobiTIG 180 AC/DC

AC / DC welding in a compact format!

The new Merkle MobiTIG 180 AC / DC is built on inverter-based and thus ensures the best conditions for excellent welding characteristics. The compact unit is universal einsetztbar for aluminum welding in AC operation (AC) for steel and stainless steel with direct current (DC) as well as for welding rod electrodes.
The MobiTIG 180 AC / DC offers full performance up to 180 A welding current at normal household Netztspannung of 230 V. details such as high-frequency and LiftTIG ignition, TIG pulse function and many adjustable parameters offer professional features in a compact format!



Multi-processes made by Merkle

Multi-process power sources: highly dynamic and versatile

In addition to the standard joining processes Metall-Inertgas/Metall-Aktivgas (MIG / MAG) - and electrode (E)-MMA welding has Merkle equal to six other innovative MIG / MAG processes integrated in this highly dynamic power sources:
PulseARC for extremely low-spatter welding by short-circuit-proof one-drop transfer of material, also optimal for the processing of aluminum and its alloys, safe and spatter ignition, large variations of the pulse parameters and pulse shapes to create curves as desired. Compared to the MAG standard welding under shielding gas CO2 of spatter is reduced by eight times.
The "Inter Pulse" joining process a second pulse process superimposed on the basic pulse, which is especially for aluminum and stainless steel welding new standards: This process variant produces welds in TIG MIG quality with speed.

22.04.2013 | Starfighter on the roof of Merkle Stuttgart

Some people hang flags.For Hartmut Rehorsch is this not enough. The CEO of Merkle Welding GmbH Stuttgart, the native Schnaitheimer and has for years been a member of the Giengener airmen on the Irpfel got his ticket and there also stands out again and again from the runway, has become a Star Fighter - a fighter aircraft - F-Type 104 G placed on the roof of his company in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

The instrument flight pilot Rehorsch sees the jet as a cult object - not least because Starfighter were produced with welding equipment by Merkle . But primarily it is to be a memorial to the 116 pilots who came in such aircraft lost their lives and those Rehorsch feels connected by its own past, not least , he has served at the Star Fighter Squadron in Lagerlechfeld .

800 hours long Kanpfjet the demilitarized !

For a six-figure sum Rehorsch has bought and restored the aircraft . He had spent together with company staff and experts in order to bring the fighter into shape and to demilitarize him 800 hours. Cannon , engine and electrics are completely removed .

The residents - a few meters behind the company is a residential area - are angry , even sit on it. That report different media and newspapers. Now the Construction Law Office has turned on.

Meanwhile Rehorsch is inundated with press inquiries . Not only " Stuttgarter Zeitung ", " image " and Co. , no, even international media interested in his story. Rehorsch has therefore hired an extra two half- time workers , who care about the media and also customer inquiries. Therefore, the flyer was advertising in a sense . A PR coup if the whole thing is not. Rather explains Rehorsch " . Such a machine like this has always been my dream," That she has now landed on the roof, is an accident .