Company Profile

The company was founded in Merkle forest Stetten / Günzburg 1964 by Mr. William Merkle. Today, high-quality welding equipment and welding groundbreaking technology are developed and manufactured in the factory Kötz on a production area of 7000 sqm. Merkle employed at the main plant in Kötz around 100 people, with customer service and service offices throughout Europe find a total of about 190 employees forward-looking and modern workplaces.




  • MIG/MAG welding equipment
  • Synergic Pulse welding equipment
  • TIG welding equipment
  • Plasma welding/cutting equipment
  • MIG/MAG, TIG, PLASMA hand and machine welding torches
  • Plasma hand and machine cutting torches
  • Components for automation and mechanisation
  • Complete robotic, automation and mechanisation solutions

In addition to these welding and cutting equipment, all MIG/MAG-Schweiß- and plasma cutting torches are designed and manufactured in the house itself.

For research and development in the welding and cutting area 12 graduate engineers are employed in a separate trial and electronics department.

The entire product range is used for manual operation, the semi-and fully automatic operation and the robot operation.

In addition to the European market are developed with a high export share, non-European markets with great success.

As a midsize company Merkle puts on a consistent brand strategy, supported by award-winning innovations and continuous, user-oriented developments